World’s most inconsistent blogger.

That would be me.

Sometimes I’ve got things to say, sometimes not.

And other times I am limited by the amount of time taken up by other things.  Like my three darlings.

The rundown here since D Paul has been away:

1.  The kids are still alive, as am I.  There was one night where things got a little ugly (read:  Q Man had one of his level 10 meltdowns and *may* have been put in his room….naked….while I finished bathing the other two.) In defense of myself, I couldn’t leave the other two in the tub unattended, and there was NO getting him diapered and dressed.  Believe me, I tried.

2.  This week is spring break, and I’ve managed to get some fun stuff in so far – went to see the New York City Ballet at the Kennedy Center last night (really, really good….although 3 dancers fell, which is somewhat unusual).  The trip home at 10:30 at night was hindered by the fact that I hate, hate, hate driving in DC and typically get lost leaving the Kennedy Center.  Elizabeth and I came home by way of….Virginia.  (It should be noted that we both live in Maryland.  Um, yeah…..)  I knew it was bad when we were crossing the bridge leading to Arlington Cemetery, and then I ended up on 395 going the wrong way.  Have I mentioned how much I hate driving in DC?  Yes?

3.  Tomorrow morning we leave for the magical and wondrous land of Grammy and PopPop’s house.  The kids are excited.  I am looking forward to having backup.  And eating food from my homeland.

4.  I am newly enamored of my refurbished Kindle Fire that was purchased last last week for the bargain price of $140.  It looks like new.  It works like new.  I am a very happy camper.

5.  In a related note to item 4, I have read the entire Hunger Games trilogy since last Friday.  (In answer to your questions, yes, I am a fast reader…more with fiction than with something where I’m actually trying to gain knowledge).  I am now looking forward to seeing the movie and determining if I am pleased or not pleased with their version of things.  (Yes, yes, I know, when in the world am I going to have time to go to the movies?  I don’t know…a girl can dream….)

Not the most interesting blog entry.  Hmmm.  I need to take more photos.  Let me add that to my to do list.

See you again when I post.  It could be tomorrow or 3 weeks from tomorrow.  Who knows?


One thought on “World’s most inconsistent blogger.

  1. I SO feel your pain about driving in DC. I nearly always get lost unless my husband is navigating with his phone. The only place that I can consistently find my way to and from is the Zoo. I am very thankful that Metro takes me most places that I need to go in DC. Enjoy the homeland… we’ll be there this weekend as well. 🙂

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