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I have a love/hate relationship with my minivan.

I swore, SWORE, that I would never drive a minivan. And now, here is the sweet ride I tool about town in: (Truth in advertising – this is actually not my van, but looks pretty much like it. I was too lazy to go outside and take a photo of the van.  The kids would … Continue reading

While I’ve been gone…

Well, it’s been well over a month since I last posted. Things have been a little busy.  Ok, they’ve been stupidly busy.  Bear has started swim lessons again two night a week, as well as continuing with ballet on Saturday mornings.  The boys are requiring even more energy as they get older.  (There have been … Continue reading

Missoni, meet Lillioni

If you pay any attention at all to anything in the world of popular culture, you probably heard that Missoni had a line of clothing and housewares at Target.  For those that are saying “uh, what’s Missoni?’, they are known for knitwear with chevron patterns.  I find their stuff to look very 70’s retro.  The … Continue reading

Meet the Cast, Part V

I suppose at this point since I’ve revealed the deepest and darkest secrets of my immediate family members, it is only fair that I introduce myself. Hi, I’m Jessica.   I’m a 37 year old married mother of three, living in a farther out suburb of Washington, D.C. I’ve got a pretty cool job as … Continue reading

Meet the Cast, Part IV

Part IV – D Paul (the husband) I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a recent photo of my husband. Let’s just say I need to do better at taking photos of something other than my kids. However, I shall not allow this small detail to derail this post.  Meet D Paul, my husband. … Continue reading

Meet the Cast, Part III

Part III – Mr. R Meet Mr. R.  Most commonly asked question I get about him…”Are those real glasses”? Yes.  Yes, they are. (Who would put fake early Elton John era glasses on a 2 year old “just for fun”?)  They are bifocals, as a matter of fact.  Fortunately, his good looks and charm allow … Continue reading

Meet the Cast, Part II

Part II – Q Man   Meet Twin A, otherwise known as Q Man.  He’s the guy that put me on modified bedrest for the better part of my pregnancy thanks to his poorly placed placenta.  He’s turned out pretty great, though, so I can’t hold that against him. He’s a helper, and loves nothing … Continue reading

Meet the Cast, Part I

Part I – The Bear *note – for privacy reasons, the real names of my children will not be revealed on the blog.  Please keep this in mind should you choose to leave a comment – thanks!* Look at that face.  Pretty cute, right? This is my oldest child, affectionately nicknamed “Bear”. Likes princesses, playing … Continue reading