Turkey, Birthdays, and a little thing called Christmas Decor

It’s been more than a few days since my last post.  To my faithful 5 readers, I apologize.  We’ve been a little bit busy in these parts.  Let me sum up:

1)  Thanksgiving came and went.  Much food was eaten.  Family was visited.  One month old babies were held (aaaahhhhh.) A bit of shopping was done.  Good times were had by all.

2)  A certain Bear is having her 5th birthday this weekend and it is all.I.am.hearing.about.  I told her I was planning to keep her 4 indefinitely, but she was having none of that.  Bummer.

3)  It’s time to bling out the house for the holidays.  However, the newish digs are significantly larger than the old homestead, so I don’t have enough decor.  Additionally, glitter has taken over the house.  (Thank you, WalMart bows.)

4)  My darling, adorable, beautiful children seem to turn into LUNATICS by the time I pick them up at daycare in the afternoon.  I need some kinds of “anti-whining” spray to dispense in the van on the way home.

That about sums it up from here.  More to come on the fabulous princess birthday party coming up….

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