The Quest to Keep the Family Well

Those of you that know me and the family know that last winter was a doozy in terms of illness.

No, not the “must be hospitalized and on an IV drip” variety.  More along the lines of “bad cold with fever that morphs into pinkeye and ear infections”.  One child would start, and instead of all three kids getting it simultaneously, it would sloooowly make its way through the troops.  There was a period of time where I did not think the household would ever again be fever free.

I missed a fair amount of work.  Not so great.

This year we are trying something to ward off the evil “crud bugs”.  PROBIOTICS.  I read somewhere that some amazing amount of your immune system resides in your digestive tract.  (Like 70 or 80%….it was a LOT.).  A coworker told me that once her college aged daughter started on them last year after a run of being sick, she didn’t get sick again.  I’m game to try most anything, so we’ve all been taking them for the past few days.

Quinn started with a slight runny nose today, and my nose is starting to run.  Since we just started with the probiotics 3 days ago, I can’t really say that they don’t work. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that they perhaps lessen the severity of any cold we may be getting.  Stay tuned, folks.


One thought on “The Quest to Keep the Family Well

  1. Just Bring em to Pa.! We’ve got something in the water up here…….. Better check that! I just recalled last Thanksgiving and the accompanying intestinal disorder.

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