Return of the absentee blogger….

I’m coming back….I miss my blog, and hope to have a little more time for these types of things in the not so distant future.

I see it’s been over a year since my last blog post.  For those that are interested, here’s the rundown of what has happened since then:

1.  Got new job as a vice principal at a great school in my district working with fabulous people.

2.  Decided that said new job is TOO MUCH with three young kids at home and applied for a leave of absence, which was approved!

3.  Working on starting a new business website with a teacher blog as well as some resume/cover letter writing services.

4.  Bought a new van.  Goodbye 2005 tan Odyssey, hellooooo 2013 grey Odyssey with fun bells and whistles.  Because really, what better to do than start a car payment when you are losing one income in the family?

5. Bear is 6 and started Kindergarten this year.  She’s doing very well and generally speaking, likes school a lot.  She is tall for her age, so I have to remind myself that she is still only 6 when she does 6 year old types of things.  She has recently been working on a specialty known as “pushing Q Man’ buttons”, and has achieved mastery in a very short time.

6.  Q Man and Mr. R just turned 4 this past week.  They keep me very, very busy.  There will surely be many posts just on their antics.

7.  My husband should be nominated for sainthood after the year we’ve had.  He’s picked up a lot of the heavy lifting this year, and has been cooking, running laundry, doing homework with Bear….pretty much anything that is needed.  Ladies, when choosing a future mate, please choose wisely.  I would not have made it through the past year without him!

All in all, it’s been a year of growth for all of us.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming change in lifestyle, but realize that there will be things that I will miss about being in the working world.  All fodder for future blog posts, I’m sure 🙂


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