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Life Outside Public School Employment

Since graduating from college in December 1996, I’ve had a full time job, and since August 1997, it’s been a job in a public school system in Virginia or Maryland.  Most of my career in education has been in one school system in Maryland. I am now faced with a strange reality – this is … Continue reading

Return of the absentee blogger….

I’m coming back….I miss my blog, and hope to have a little more time for these types of things in the not so distant future. I see it’s been over a year since my last blog post.  For those that are interested, here’s the rundown of what has happened since then: 1.  Got new job … Continue reading

World’s most inconsistent blogger.

That would be me. Sometimes I’ve got things to say, sometimes not. And other times I am limited by the amount of time taken up by other things.  Like my three darlings. The rundown here since D Paul has been away: 1.  The kids are still alive, as am I.  There was one night where … Continue reading

And then there were 4.

D Paul leaves today for 7 weeks of training through the Air Force. I am at best apprehensive about this.  At worst, I am dreading it. It’s one thing to wrangle three adorable children with a partner. It’s another thing to do it solo. While working full time. With all but one member of your … Continue reading

While I’ve been gone…

Well, it’s been well over a month since I last posted. Things have been a little busy.  Ok, they’ve been stupidly busy.  Bear has started swim lessons again two night a week, as well as continuing with ballet on Saturday mornings.  The boys are requiring even more energy as they get older.  (There have been … Continue reading

The strange addiction known as Pinterest

Have you heard about Pinterest? It’s basically a virtual bulletin board onto which you post (or “pin”) things.  Doesn’t sound so exciting, does it?  At first, I didn’t think so either. And then you get SUCKED IN. There are recipes.  There are crafts. There is fashion, lifestyle, design, organization, quotes, photos….the list goes on and … Continue reading

While Daddy’s Away

The mice will try to kill each other while testing Mommy’s patience. D Paul has been away for the last week and a half for work.  His job rarely requires him to travel for anything, so this is unusual.  Even more unusual is that he will be gone for almost two months in the spring … Continue reading


I’ve never been a big maker of New Year’s Resolutions.  To be truthful, the end and beginning of the school year are still to me more “year ending” markers than the end of the calendar year. However, I do have some things I would like to accomplish in 2012.  I prefer to call them goals … Continue reading


DISCLAIMER: Despite what you may read in the following, I love my kids.  I really, really do. However, since having the boys, it has become somewhat *ahem* PROBLEMATIC when illness hits the household.  Here’s what happens: Child number 1 (otherwise known as “Patient Zero”) comes down with illness.  If it’s one of the boys, inevitably, … Continue reading