The strange addiction known as Pinterest

Have you heard about Pinterest?

It’s basically a virtual bulletin board onto which you post (or “pin”) things.  Doesn’t sound so exciting, does it?  At first, I didn’t think so either.

And then you get SUCKED IN.

There are recipes.  There are crafts. There is fashion, lifestyle, design, organization, quotes, photos….the list goes on and on.  Pretty much anything you can think of

I have discovered that I can spend vast quantities of time looking at things.  You can also follow your friends and their boards, and it’s really fun to see what they are looking at and pinning.

In order to join the site, you must be invited.  A friend that is already on Pinterest can invite you, or you can request an invite from the site managers.

So, if you join, you’ve been warned….you can lose hours of your day without realizing it!

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