Things I Love -Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Oil Gel

Meet my current best friend:

Vaseline VASEL I.C. Lot C/B Body Oil - 6.8 oz

My skin has been freakishly dry this winter.  I’m not sure why, as we haven’t been having a particularly cold winter, but I’ve been itchy and my skin looks parched.

Enter the product shown above. Hello, Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Oil Gel!

Here’s what I love about this product – it works like baby oil used to, when I would slather it all over myself just before getting out of the shower, but without the problems.  Problems, you ask?  What problems?

The problem I always ran into is that a) I smelled like baby oil (not offensive, certainly, but a bit powdery for my tastes) and b) the baby oil would turn the bottom of the shower into an oil slick, and I would come dangerously close to falling flat on my back while in the shower the next day.  No longer does this happen!  The gel stays put, has a lovely mild cocoa butter smell that doesn’t interfere with my perfume, and seals the moisture into my skin like a champ. (And it’s CHEAP.  Really, really cheap.)

No more dry, scaly skin.  No more itching.  Win.

Found at your local WallyMart, Tar-jeh, or other favorite mass marketer, drug store, or grocery store.

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