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Turkey, Birthdays, and a little thing called Christmas Decor

It’s been more than a few days since my last post.  To my faithful 5 readers, I apologize.  We’ve been a little bit busy in these parts.  Let me sum up: 1)  Thanksgiving came and went.  Much food was eaten.  Family was visited.  One month old babies were held (aaaahhhhh.) A bit of shopping was … Continue reading

The Cleaning Lady Phenomenon

My husband thinks I am very, very funny.  The night before the cleaning lady comes, I spend 2 hours picking up the house. (He helps.) In his mind, the cleaning lady is there to clean, which clearly means that she is also going to pick up all of our junk.  I, on the other hand, believe … Continue reading

Shopping Therapy

Today was a day off of work for me, as students and teachers were off to allow teachers to attend the state conference if they so choose. I chose to do my professional development with the learning specialist at one of my schools.  At an outlet mall.  Our sessions were titled things like “Ann Taylor … Continue reading