Shopping Therapy

Today was a day off of work for me, as students and teachers were off to allow teachers to attend the state conference if they so choose.

I chose to do my professional development with the learning specialist at one of my schools.  At an outlet mall.  Our sessions were titled things like “Ann Taylor Factory Outlet ” and “Gymboree Outlet”.

I maintain that this type of day is just as important to me as an employee, a wife, a mom – heck, a human being! – as any training I would have gotten today.  I got to spend an entire day with a great friend, chatting, laughing….and yes, shopping.  These kinds of days are good for the soul.  I am rested (sort of.  Two wakeups overnight again.)  I am rejuvenated.  I am ready to tackle handling the kids by myself all day tomorrow.

And depending on how tomorrow goes, I may need to shop again on Sunday 😉

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