Meet the Cast, Part IV

Part IV – D Paul (the husband)

I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a recent photo of my husband.

Let’s just say I need to do better at taking photos of something other than my kids.

However, I shall not allow this small detail to derail this post.  Meet D Paul, my husband.

This is a perfect illustration of the theory of “opposites attract”.  He’s more of an introvert.  He’s extremely disciplined.  He has a ridiculous work ethic (in the best way possible). He’s a freaky talented percussionist, which many people know.  What they DON’T know is that he only started playing percussion as a freshman in high school.  (Yeah, annoying, right?)  He’s also quite a talented wind and percussion arranger and judge.

While these things are all important, the best part of Daniel is what a great husband and daddy he is.  The kids run to the door screaming with joy when he gets home at the end of the day.  It warms my heart.  He’s also very thoughtful, and tries to make sure I have time to myself when he can.  He helps with the domestic stuff that no one wants to do but has to be done anyway.  He tells me he loves me every single day.

And he makes the world’s best pecan pie.  Seriously, what more could I want?

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