Meet the Cast, Part V

I suppose at this point since I’ve revealed the deepest and darkest secrets of my immediate family members, it is only fair that I introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Jessica.   I’m a 37 year old married mother of three, living in a farther out suburb of Washington, D.C.

I’ve got a pretty cool job as a dean of students at two elementary schools.  I’ll devote an entire post to that at some point, as I get a lot of questions along the lines of “what exactly do you do?”.  Prior to this job, I taught elementary band and strings, high school band (and math, yikes!), and elementary general music.

Let’s get to something more interesting, though….random tidbits about me….such as:

1)  I love Diet Mt. Dew.  Actually, it could be classified more as an obsession.  Seriously.  It’s a bit of a problem.

2) I like doing creative stuff, like sewing, painting furniture, other stuff that some typically call “crafts”.  (Crafts makes it sound like I am gluing popsicle sticks together to make picture frames, so I’m going to just avoid that word.)  I do this stuff in all of my spare time.   My vast, expansive amounts of spare time.

3)  I also enjoy cooking and baking.  Especially baking.  Yummmmmm.  I’d do it more often, but then I’d be the size of a house, so best that I do it in moderation, I think.

4)  I have started collecting vintage Pyrex (another addiction), and enjoy trolling thrift stores, antique stores, Ebay, and Etsy for wares.

5) I am what my husband nicely calls “a social person”.  I love to talk.  And I talk somewhat loudly.  (Mrs. Fichthorn, my second grade teacher, noted that she thought it was impossible for me to whisper, so this problem has been going on for a while.)

6) I love to read magazines.  I *may* have a subscription to US Weekly.  (People Magazine just has too many words).

7) I swore, SWORE, that I would never drive a minivan.  And now, I tool about town in a stunning 2005 Tan Honda Odyssey with a cracked front bumper (drove over the curb at school one too many times.)  Those that think God does not have a sense of humor….I disagree…

That’s probably enough tidbits for now.  Oh, I have three pretty great kids that you’ve already been introduced to, and an awesome husband.  You’ll get to know even  more about me as the blog posts continue.  Try to contain your excitement.

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