While Daddy’s Away

The mice will try to kill each other while testing Mommy’s patience.

D Paul has been away for the last week and a half for work.  His job rarely requires him to travel for anything, so this is unusual.  Even more unusual is that he will be gone for almost two months in the spring for work. (I am trying not to think too much about that particular hurdle at this juncture.)

Things started reasonably well.  The first few days, while a little stressful, were entirely manageable.

And then everyone began to get tired.  The kids were weary.  Weary of only having one parent to give attention to three kids.  Weary of having to wait longer than normal for things.  Dinner.  Baths.  Book reading.  Weary of not being the FIRST to be snuggled with at bedtime.

Mommy started to tire as well.  Tire of  children beating each other up.  Tire of two toddlers that want to be the FIRST to do anything and everything, from opening a door to turning off the lights.  Tire of a 5 year old girl who, not to be outdone by her brothers, is attempting to keep up with them in terms of neediness.

Here are the things that have been getting me through:

1)  Domino’s Pizza (seriously.  Thanks for allowing me to simply plop dinner on a plate for the kids last night.  I needed that.)

Click to show "Domino's Pizza" result 25

2)  Diet Mt. Dew.  (Yes, I am drinking less than before the new year.  However, it has been necessary to have some for both caffeine and mental health purposes.  I think my mental health is worth that, no?)

3)  Sleep.   I can’t tell you how thankful I am that the kids have been sleeping through the night, and for the fact that they are generally sound sleepers.  Those that know me know that I don’t function well on too little sleep.

4)  Most important on this list is….My mother in law.  She has been coming two nights a week to help with the kids while I take Bear to her swim lessons.  She’s also come to help on the weekends.  She is providing a very needed break for EVERYONE in the household.  And she gets a rock star reception from the kids every time she shows up at the door.

The good news is that D. Paul returns on Tuesday, and will be here for about 6 weeks before having to leave again.  By then, all members of the household should have regained their equilibrium.


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