While I’ve been gone…

Well, it’s been well over a month since I last posted.

Things have been a little busy.  Ok, they’ve been stupidly busy.  Bear has started swim lessons again two night a week, as well as continuing with ballet on Saturday mornings.  The boys are requiring even more energy as they get older.  (There have been some spectacular early morning tantrums that just about wear me out before we even get into the car!).  Work has been, well…..busier than I think I’ve ever been at work.  I’ve missed lunch on a few days.  (For those that know me, you know that I DO NOT MISS A MEAL.  I get C.R.A.N.K.Y.)

And, because things aren’t crazy enough as it is, D Paul leaves on Wednesday for 7 weeks for work.  To scenic Montgomery, Alabama.  And no, he won’t be back during those 7 weeks.  I’m sure the kids will be super helpful while he’s gone.  (BWHAHAHAHAHA).

All of the above being said, I think this is an  excellent time to take a look at how I’ve done so far with those resolutions I posted about a few months back:

1.  Potty train the boys.  This was attempted at the end of January, and after a two day trial, was deemed spectacularly unsuccessful.  Q Man was NOT ready.  A lot of pee was cleaned up and laundry run. Enough said.

2.  Get healthy.  Like, really and truly healthy.  I would not call this one a total wash.  I have definitely increased the amount of fruits and vegetables I’m eating every day.  I’m eating healthy breakfasts and lunches. However, exercise has been laughable, and I’m still eating TOO MUCH.  Diet Mt. Dew has also reappeared in my diet.  We’ll call this one a work in progress.

3.  Find a place for everything in the house, and actually discipline myself to keep it there. The pantry has been reorganized and looks awesome.  It’s easy to find things and to know what we have or need to buy.  The rest of the house….ehhh……

4.  Spend more time doing things I enjoy (sewing, crafts, spending time with friends.)  A sub goal here is to learn how to quilt.  I started out strong on this one, but have fallen off.  As life gets busier and busier, this and the exercising seem to be the first things to go.

To sum up – things here crazy, about to get crazier.  Yep, that just about covers it.




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