How an iphone ends up in the toilet

Those of you that are facebook friends know that last week I had an unfortunate incident with my iphone.  Specifically, it ended up in the toilet.

Now, this is not my first incident with an iphone.  My first iphone took an unfortunate dunk in a bucket of laundry soaking in Oxyclean last January.  I managed to resuscitate it using the trusty “stick in in a bag of rice” trick, although it did at times do strange things, like spontaneously turn on airplane mode, or tell me that “this accessory is not made for use with the iphone”…when no accessory was plugged in. Regardless, it functioned just fine for the most part.  Until this fall, when I dropped it on the hard floor at work.  Hello, shattered screen.

This was a few weeks prior to the iphone 4S coming out, and I was determined that I was NOT going to buy another phone until I could get the newest one.  A generous friend had an older version of the iphone lying around his house, and gave it to me to use.  Switch a sim card over, sync it to my itunes account, and I was back in business.  When the 4S came out, D Paul and I decided there was nothing that we absolutely had to have on that phone, and we would wait until the next generation came out.

Great plan, except for the fact that my phone met an untimely demise this week.  As most people automatically think that I was either texting or talking on the phone while in the bathroom, I feel the need to clarify what ACTUALLY happened.

The scene:  5:45 on Tuesday.  A harried mother of 3 rushes in the house upon arriving home from work and daycare pickup. Said mother, who usually is sure to use the bathroom before leaving work, has forgotten that critical step.  Now, she has to pee.  Badly.

She rushes into the powder room, drops her pants, and hears a “plop”.  The sound of something falling into water.  Then she realizes…she stuck her phone in her shallow back pocket upon leaving work.

And there’s the phone, swimming in a (thankfully clean) pool of water in the toilet.

I didn’t quite realize how attached I was to my phone until this incident.  I became a bit unhinged, realizing that my calendar and all my contacts were on that phone.  In addition, that’s the home phone number I give out now, so my only real phone was out of service.  (I later realized that I had synced my phone to my computer in February, so I didn’t lose as many things as I thought.)

I ended up having to drop everything I had planned for the night and go buy a new phone.

Which, ironically, is a 4S that I wasn’t planning to buy.  Ever.

So goes life.

2 thoughts on “How an iphone ends up in the toilet

  1. Girl, I have DONE this. Not with my iPhone, thankfully, but with my previous non-smart phone. And I too had it in my back pocket. I dropped it in a non-clean toilet bowl, however (just pee!) and in my panic to try to remedy the situation, I reached my hand into the bowl, grabbed the thing, then RAN THE PHONE UNDER THE HOT FAUCET WATER to try to “clean” it. What can I say – it was a reflex. Mine too was revived by the “rice in bag” trick! It lasted another couple of months after that. Which is all to say – I feel your pain, girlfriend!

  2. Look on the bright side . . . You can now play with Siri! Have fun asking it silly questions . . . Rich and I have discovered that this is a harmless way to be quite naughty!

    The voice recognition on this phone is really amazing. I now use it for sending all texts, emails, and such. I’ve given up on trying to text as fast as my youngest child.

    Don’t be annoyed when you discover that Siri has a mind of her own and will sometimes plead that she’s too busy to answer your questions . . . being a busy person myself, I don’t begrudge her this response.

    Seriously, have fun with this!

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