The Case of the Missing Sneakers

Time:  6:45 a.m.

The Scene:  The home front

The Situation:  One slightly frazzled mother trying to get the three children dressed and ready to head out the door to daycare.  Alas, it is discovered that one boys’ sneakers have gone missing.  Like, fallen off of the face of the earth missing.

As Mommy runs around the house frantically searching for said sneakers, cranky daughter is whining and crying about….well, I don’t even remember.  Husband staggers downstairs to try to help and to talk Mommy off of the ledge, as she is now not just frazzled, but is growing more upset by the minute.

Husband ,after 10 minutes of searching, suggests getting the crocs for boy to wear.  Other boy hears this, and now refuses to wear his sneakers as well.

Two boys head to daycare, sporting white tube socks and crocs.  Very European.  Mommy prays that neither boy kills himself running and playing in crocs. Daughter complains that she is not allowed to wear crocs.  Daughter complains that her outfit is not cute.  Daughter complains that she does not want to go to daycare.  Mommy thinks that perhaps a nice adult beverage would be good about now.  Unfortunately, it is 7:05 a.m.

Postscript:  Upon extensive searching this evening, there is one pair of black toddler size 6 Wide New Balance sneakers still MIA.  Whereabouts unknown.  Suspect (a.k.a. Q Man) is pleading the fifth.  I suspect he just wants to wear crocs again tomorrow.  Little does he know Mommy has pulled out the new larger sneakers.  I will not be outsmarted by a 2 1/2 year old.

2 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Sneakers

  1. This is almost too similar to my life, I can hardly read it! sorry to hear that there are others who share in sometimes miseries of toddlerhood. However I only have 2 children.

    Krista Reiff

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