The Day Job

I am often asked what it is that I do at “the day job”.

Well, my “official” title is Dean of Students.  I work at two different elementary schools, one two days a week, the other for three days per week.

The short answer that I give when people ask what I do is “Whatever the Principal and Vice Principal tell me to do”.  I realize that doesn’t give one a lot of information.

So….what exactly DO I do?

Lots of different things.  I run lots and lots of meetings.  504 meetings, IEP meetings, Student Service Team meetings, parent conferences, suspension conferences.  There is a slightly ridiculous amount of paperwork that goes with all of these meetings as well, so I have become an expert at paper pushing.

I am at times part disciplinarian, part counselor.  I take care of random odds and ends as needed.  At one school, I have tea parties for students that purchase my “service” with the points they earn for following the rules and making good decisions at school. I have bus duty at both buildings, which is great on days like today when it is gorgeous outside, and less great on days that it is pouring down rain or 10 degrees outside.

I attend meetings at the Board of Education for different things.  I assist with the preparation, administration, and follow up for the MSA (Maryland State Assessment).

Upon describing my job to others, the next question I often get is “Do you like this job?”.  That question is usually accompanied by a wrinkled forehead and slightly dour expression of the face of the inquisitor.

Actually, yes, most days I do.

I like the fact that no two days are EVER the same.  I like the fact that I get to do a variety of different things.  I like the fact that I have some input into decisions that are made at my schools.

Now, all days aren’t roses and lollipops, to be sure.  There are challenges that come across my path, but I find that I learn something from each one of those challenges, even if it is the feeling of “perhaps I would not handle that quite that way again”.

Will I be a dean forever?  Probably not.  I’m guessing life most likely has plans for me to do something else at some point, but right now, I’m still learning, and still enjoying this job.

One thought on “The Day Job

  1. These few minutes away from the intriguing world of insurance were worth every second. Pop pops are kind of silly like that! I would like to think that the writing talent and creative use of words was inherited but alas, I do recall my own english grades which would testify otherwise.

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