Posted in October 2011

The Middle of the Night

One of the toughest things for me about having kids is the impact it has had on my sleep schedule, and my ability to sleep soundly. If you don’t know me well, you may not know that I love to sleep.  There are few things that thrill me as much as a comfy bed piled … Continue reading

Meet the Cast, Part III

Part III – Mr. R Meet Mr. R.  Most commonly asked question I get about him…”Are those real glasses”? Yes.  Yes, they are. (Who would put fake early Elton John era glasses on a 2 year old “just for fun”?)  They are bifocals, as a matter of fact.  Fortunately, his good looks and charm allow … Continue reading

Meet the Cast, Part II

Part II – Q Man   Meet Twin A, otherwise known as Q Man.  He’s the guy that put me on modified bedrest for the better part of my pregnancy thanks to his poorly placed placenta.  He’s turned out pretty great, though, so I can’t hold that against him. He’s a helper, and loves nothing … Continue reading

Meet the Cast, Part I

Part I – The Bear *note – for privacy reasons, the real names of my children will not be revealed on the blog.  Please keep this in mind should you choose to leave a comment – thanks!* Look at that face.  Pretty cute, right? This is my oldest child, affectionately nicknamed “Bear”. Likes princesses, playing … Continue reading