Thoughts from the home front

I am home today with the kids, as Mr. R is still running a fever.  Off to the doctor at 2:45 this afternoon, for what I am hoping is an ear infection.  I do NOT want to hear the dreaded “it’s a virus”, because inevitably the next thing out of the doctor’s mouth is “it should have run its course in 10-14 days”.  Um, I do have to work….so that just doesn’t work for me.

Presently, I am trying to tackle a few things around the house, and get a few things done for work (while I try not to stress about the fact that I am not at work today….I’m not so great at that.)

Random thoughts from the day thus far:

1.  Why on EARTH did I think it was a good idea to buy myself an off white down parka?  I have washed it twice this morning, and I’m pretty sure it’s never going to be clean again.  File that under “things not to do again”.

2.  My kids, when playing together nicely, are just about the cutest thing ever.  Bear can be really, really sweet with her brothers.  When she’s not bossing them around or beating them up.

3.  While it seems that I had piles and piles of Christmas gift wrap for the past 10 years, it now seems that I have none.  Zero. Zip. Zilch.  This does put a crimp in my plans to start wrapping today.  Do you think anyone would mind if I wrapped using plastic grocery bags???

4.  I did not fully appreciate the fine job that Dexter Dog did with cleaning the floors, particularly in the vicinity of where the kids eat.  Seriously – the dog was earning his keep and I never realized it!  What a mess…..

5.  The Microsoft commercial with the kid that makes a powerpoint presentation for the parents on why he should get a dog cracks me up.  Especially since the music in the background is Silverado…..(quick, I need a mellophone….we played that in college!)

6.  My french horn is back from the shop and ready for me to begin practicing.  This could be ugly.  Especially that high Bb in one of the pieces for Christmas Eve (note:  that ain’t happening.  Rewrite imminent.)

I am hopeful for a continued productive day.  However, the 2:45 doctor appt. means the kids will probably not get a nap.  Therefore, productivity shall plummet at a proportionally inverse rate to my blood pressure.

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