While Daddy’s Away

The mice will try to kill each other while testing Mommy’s patience. D Paul has been away for the last week and a half for work.  His job rarely requires him to travel for anything, so this is unusual.  Even more unusual is that he will be gone for almost two months in the spring … Continue reading


I’ve never been a big maker of New Year’s Resolutions.  To be truthful, the end and beginning of the school year are still to me more “year ending” markers than the end of the calendar year. However, I do have some things I would like to accomplish in 2012.  I prefer to call them goals … Continue reading


DISCLAIMER: Despite what you may read in the following, I love my kids.  I really, really do. However, since having the boys, it has become somewhat *ahem* PROBLEMATIC when illness hits the household.  Here’s what happens: Child number 1 (otherwise known as “Patient Zero”) comes down with illness.  If it’s one of the boys, inevitably, … Continue reading

Thoughts from the home front

I am home today with the kids, as Mr. R is still running a fever.  Off to the doctor at 2:45 this afternoon, for what I am hoping is an ear infection.  I do NOT want to hear the dreaded “it’s a virus”, because inevitably the next thing out of the doctor’s mouth is “it … Continue reading

The Quest to Keep the Family Well

Those of you that know me and the family know that last winter was a doozy in terms of illness. No, not the “must be hospitalized and on an IV drip” variety.  More along the lines of “bad cold with fever that morphs into pinkeye and ear infections”.  One child would start, and instead of … Continue reading

The Case of the Missing Sneakers

Time:  6:45 a.m. The Scene:  The home front The Situation:  One slightly frazzled mother trying to get the three children dressed and ready to head out the door to daycare.  Alas, it is discovered that one boys’ sneakers have gone missing.  Like, fallen off of the face of the earth missing. As Mommy runs around … Continue reading

From this morning’s church service

The church that I’ve started attending has some pretty great video clips that they use during worship, but today’s may be my favorite thus far. Presently, there are two Sunday morning services, a 9 a.m. and a 10:45 a.m..  Both are packed, so the church is basically capped as far as growth.  They have decided … Continue reading

Flat on my Back

This post is coming to you from my sofa.  I am presently lying flat, hopped up on muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. Here’s what I’ve learned over the past few days.  Your low back is involved in pretty much EVERY movement you make.  The last time I had this sensation was right after I had my … Continue reading